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In Lee County, Florida, you will find a remarkable census-designated place known as San Carlos Park. Home to approximately 16,300 residents, according to the 2000 census, San Carlos Park is situated in the renowned Cape Coral-Fort Myers Metropolitan Area. Composed of 5.1 square miles, 0.2 of which is water, San Carlos Park is a wonderful place to buy a home, and this remarkable neighborhood has a unique ambiance and a diverse population.

San Carlos Park is a college student-friendly community, boasts above average safety and is highly walkable. Not only is San Carlos Park a great choice for students, but it is also a great choice for families. There are a number of exciting attractions and wonderful amenities for people of all ages to enjoy, including excellent options for shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation. On top of all of that, its great location affords San Carlos Park residents a relatively short commute of just fifteen to thirty minutes.

While most residential neighborhoods have homes of varying ages, most San Carlos Park homes were constructed between 1970 and 1999. This neighborhood is well-established and yet does not appear to be old because it has been well-maintained. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, the San Carlos Park neighborhood has a median real estate price of $152,700 with an average rental price around $981. That said, some homes in the area have listing prices as low as $52,500, while others have listing prices over $3 million. Most of the homes for sale in San Carlos Park are small to medium sized single family homes and mobile homes, but there are exceptions. With a great location, wonderful amenities and affordable homes for sale, the San Carlos Park neighborhood of Fort Myers, Florida, is a great place to consider buying your next home.

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